FACT CHECK!! Ronaldo Still Remains The Greatest Player Of This Generation Until Messi Achieve These 3 Things (See Them)


The debate has been going on and on: Who is the greatest player between Messi & Ronaldo.

Before i talk my mind, i want to say that both players are exceptional players and we are lucky to watch them play in this century.

Still, there is always ONE WINNER and while both have been immense, we can easily say Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest player of this generation.

And while i respect Lionel Messi, if he wants to be in the ”bracket of the great players”, he has to achieve these 3 things below 👇👇

Messi Should Win Champions League Without Xavi & Iniesta

The last time Barcelona won the greatest club competition was back in the 2014/2015 seasonwhen the club still had the midfield duo of Xavi & Iniesta in their prime.

Messi had the support of, arguably, 2 of the greatest midfielders in world football, who complemented his attributes with key passes and presence in the box.

They have both left and its not surprising that Messi hasn’t won a champions league trophy after their exit.

This is in contrast to Ronaldo who has, single-handedly, helped Real Madrid win Champions League trophies.

Messi Should Win A Valuable Trophy With Argentina

If you want to be called the greatest player in the world, you have to win trophies for both club and country. Cristiano Ronaldo has done it with Man United, Real Madrid & recently Juventus.

And of course, he did with Portugal in the Euro 2016.

While Messi has won numerous trophies with Barcelona, he still draws blank with the Argentina national team and its why Maradona will continue to be idolized in Argentina over him.

“He’s Messi when he plays for Barcelona. Messi is Messi when he wears that shirt and he’s another Messi with Argentina.” Diego Maradona once told Fox sports.

Messi Should Leave Barcelona & Win A Trophy With Another Club

This is actually the major reason many people rate Ronaldo over Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo hates the comfort zone. The Portuguese could have stayed in England with Man United and rule the world. But he wanted a different challenge and left for Spain where he also dominated with Real Madrid.

Still akin to try something new, he flew to Italy and is currently making waves with Juventus.

Lionel Messi prefers to be comfortable with Barcelona.

So Guys, Do You Agree With This Write Up?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo The Greatest Player In The World Over Lionel Messi?

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