SA lady reveals what her ex did to her after breaking up with him


A South African lady has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter to share the despicable thing her ex-boyfriend did to her after she threatened to break up with him.

According to @Monica40449774 on the app, her ex-boyfriend ran over her and her mother with his car, multiple times and then went on to burn down their flat all because she ended things with him.

A distraught Monica took to Twitter to share photos of what her ex had done, revealing that she’s now left with nothing. She wrote on her page,

He drove over me & my mom multiple times and went to burn our flat and i have nothing left. This is all because, i ended the relationship.

Photos she shared below,

Her plight has since angered a lot of people who are demanding that her ex be brought to justice while a very few others are wondering how a “breakup” could have instigated such violence.

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