[Lyrics] Ifé Ft Ahec3 – Ifunanya


Ifé Ft Ahec3 IFUNANYA lyrics.

Ifunaya achotakwa muo,
Ebe uche m adirodi ya,
Ojurodim ese wee duru mu wee dula dula dula…
Okwan omalicha ife….
Ijidem m aka m ne efe..
Ferega na elu ferega na ala….Fela fela fela..

Baby am not afraid to say I love you
I take this chance with no doubt in my heart,
Baby me and you together forever…
Happily forever after yeahhh….

Am I love ……..
Nekwa onye m fulu na anya, onye m fulu na anya,
Loveeeee nekwa onye m fulu na anya…
Biakwa lekwa nekwanu onye m fulu na anya…

Ifunaya nanya nanya…
Ifunaya ..ifunanya …
Biakwa lekwa nekwa nu onye m fulu nanya.

Am just a stranger in your town.
Once in a while I come around.
Let’s be friends that never end,
From this point we move ahead,
I will never let you down…
Never will I let you down…
My heart is beating hard,
Baby girl i don’t now….
I will never let you cry,
Pretty one I don’t know how,
But I want you to myself no one else…

Ngwan nekene…
Onye m buna obi ..
Ifunaya muo…
Nwa bukwan ogolimooo
Onye m buna obi,onye m buna obi
Ngwa panyite kanyi jewe.
Kanyi jewe.

Repeat hook, prechorus and chorus.

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