Enugu Deejay’s bans Slowdogg music career, a childish decision – Jude Bonnison Pondis


A group known as Deejays association of Nigeria, Enugu chapter, has banned Nigerian rapper, Slowdogg and his songs from being played In public places, lounges and radio stations because he couldn’t make it to their event, held on the 12th of December 2019 in Nsukka. SlowDogg greatly apologized for not coming through because of health issues and refunded back the logistics fee they paid him because he didn’t charge them his normal fee as we learnt.
Why gathering together to ban his songs because he didn’t make it to your event? What happened to the refund? He may not have done well by not coming but banning his songs after he must have apologized and refunded the cash is childishly childish. To me, this has got to be one of the most funniest thing I’ve heard so far in the history of the creative industries. So Deejays in Enugu decided to go public, allowing their anger to control them to an extent they had to forget their Deejay association did not extend to Radio stations, lounges and public places.
Let’s reason before we act please especially in the southeast where our industry is still emerging. Just imagine you requesting for a song from Slowdogg on radio station, lounges,etc and they say they can’t play that because he has been banned, don’t you think you’ll ban such radio station/ lounge from your life?

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