Here are all the members of OBO’s ’30 Billion’ Gang



Davido accepting his award at the 2018 Soundcity MVP Awards Festival, January 12, 2018.  (Fortune Photography)

It all started from with a song. ‘If’, the record by Davido released in 2017 came through with a line that resonated with millions of people across the continent. “30 Billion for the account oh.”

It was a harmless line, designed to show affluence to his love interest who he was threatening to kill with enjoyment. But as the record grew, and the line spread, Davido and his team members, his record label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) knew that they had struck gold.

While ’30 Billion’ became the pop standard for wealth, at home, the creators of the line branded themselves with it. The name ‘DMW’ might have a nice ring to it, but since Davido packed his bags and left HKN Gang, he’s never had a catchy term to describe the movement that he and his team had created.

But all thanks to ‘If’, the name “30 Billion Gang” was created, and it quickly became a strong rallying banner for OBO and all who contribute to the success of his business. The name was catchy and fitting because of what it connotes: strength, wealth, affluence, opulence, pride, happiness, and success.

It was perfect.

Within the coming months, everyone associated with Davido became a member, from de factor branding, a logo was born. As the success of ‘If’ continued to astound people, the name grew.

The real use of the name came during his long-running fight with Wizkid. As fans of Nigerian music split themselves between OBO and Wizkid, while they battled on social media, the name transitioned into a movement not only for Davido’s team, but inclusive of every fan who openly supports and shows Davido love.


But who are the members of the 30 Billion Gang? They are mostly comprised of Davido, his family members, employees, friends and key assistants who ensure that the movement continues to grow and attain more success.

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