HEALTH TALK!!! Eating Weed Or Smoking Weed – Which Is Healthier?


  • Weed Is Healthy! Weed Is Medicinal!! Weed Is Not Harmful!!!

    I don’t smoke though, but with all medicals researches, it has been proven that weed is not harmful to your health rather it’s medicinal.

    But one thing still got me dazed about the consumption of weed, and it’s the 1001 ways of consuming it 🙄It can pass through any openings on your body.

    I have overheard guys talking about eating weed, smoking it, cooking it with food and sometimes making a tea out of it, but las las everything still ends in getting high.

    Now talking about the medicinal angle to its consumption, which consumption method has proven to be healthiest means of using weed?

    So Guys 👇

    Eating Weed Or Smoking Weed – Which Is Healthier?

    Which Other Way Can Someone Used Weed As A Medicine?

    Let’s hear your say on this

    Drop your comments…

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