Guys, Have You Ever Sleep In Same Room Where 2 People Are Having Sex Before? (Share Your Experience)


The person you call your friend might not care about your feelings when it comes to konji matter😂😂

Why would somebody be having sex with his babe when I am in the room, I never expected that the sound of moaning will wake me up 1 am in midnight.😰


As I woke up and noticed the 2 idiots were having sex, I decided to pretend as if I was still sleeping.


As she was moaning, the sound was sending a signal to my sense organ and my pr!ck begin to respond to the yeye signal.🙆


At that point, I wished my babe was around too, but what can I do? They did different styles, they both cum and slept.


As they were having sex, many things were coming through my mind. First, I was like, àbí I should ask to join for a threesome?


Or I should just spoil the whole show for them by waking up and start praying?😂


The whole thing pain me Sha because I felt everything they did in my system and the whole thing woke up my urge to also have sex that night.


Guys, Have You Been In This Situation Before?



If You’re In This Situation, Will You Be Sexually Arouse Or You Won’t Even Feel It?

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