GAME LOVERS!! Which Of These Mortal Kombat Characters Is Your Favourite? (Mine Is Kung Lao)


Back in the days when we do play Mortal Kombat on our java phones and sega console

It’s been modernized on Play Station but people don’t play it as much as they do then.

Because of Mortal Kombat, I can recount how many SEGA myself and my siblings have bought despite mummy destroying it for us. 😄😄

No matter, who you choose to fight me, if I mistakenly pick Kung Lao for you, just forget, you’re a gunner.

I can still remember the moves we usually do, I just throw his cap to the opponent to reduce blood. That’s “front front back” (>><).

See other characters below 👇

Which Of Them Is Your Favourite?

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