Four Costly Mistakes Married Women Make In Marriage.


Four Costly Mistakes Married Women Make In Marriage.
(1) Nonchalant Attitude Towards Dressing
Some ladies believe that once they get married they do not need to dress neatly and elegantly anymore. Besides, they think one need to dress well in order to get a good husband to marry and after getting a man to marry, good dressing is not needed anymore. This belief has made many women unattractive and irritating to their spouse.

(2) Jealousy
Due to intense jealousy, some married women put up undesirable behavior towards their spouse thinking other women will snatch their husband. This is one of the mistakes you need to avoid as a married woman. Although, some men womanize. But you don’t need to keep monitoring your husband here and there.
No matter how much you monitor your husband, if he wants to womanize, he will surely do so. Just play your own part by taking good care of your husband and children. Also, be prayerful and leave others in the hands of God to take care of. Avoid the mistake of being too jealous.
Stop going through your husband’s phone.

(3) Putting Business Before Family
It’s good to work and to be business-oriented as a woman. But do not prioritize your job above your family. May your labor never be in vain. You need to take good care of your children. I have heard of a women who intentionally got house help for his husband to help her do house chores. The house help ended up as the second wife of his husband.

(4) Discussing Family Issues With Outsiders
There are some women who have sold their spouse into the hands of husband snatchers because of their inability to be silent about their family issues. They inform their friends of every new thing their spouse buy for them and they take delight in sharing their family challenges with them. This is one of the mistakes every woman need to avoid in their relationship.

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