If A Girl You Knack The Same Day You Met Ask You This Question After Sex – What Will Be Your Reply?


What kind of question is this for God sake 😂😂

My friend brought a gist of a lady he met after leaving NYSC camp last December.

He met the girl in Ijebu Ode while hunting for best hangout place to chop life and chill there in Ijebu-Ode.

The lady being an indigene took my friend to different hangout joints on that fateful day.

Their chemistry clicked to a point that the girl agreed to follow him home.

According to my guy, something told him to make attempt towards touching this girl in a naughty way.

Surprisingly, she give-in to the touches and mistakenly sha they had sex and after first round, she asked my guy one question and the question is 👇

What Are We Now?

This question get as e be oo

But guys, if you’re in my guy’s position in this case, what will you say?

What’s The Best Way To Answer This Question?

Best Reply Wins

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